Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh Baby.

It's officially been one month since I've done a blog post.  Yikes!  From now on I'm going to try and post atleast a few times a week.  So here's a recap of what I've been up to:

First, very very busy with Camdyn!  She is just so precious, and everyday she changes and grows and it's just blowing my mind.  I'm really trying to enjoy every single moment with her, because everyone tells me it goes by way to fast, and so far, they are correct.  I wish I could freeze time for a little while (except, of course, when she's screaming at the Fry's deli, in line at Starbucks, or when I'm trying to sleep!).  Babies are amazing - and yes, my life has changed, but it's so for the better I can't even describe it.

People say that once you have a baby your relationship changes.  I wanted to discuss this for a bit here.  For me and John, honestly, nothing has changed.  We still miss eachother during the day while he's working (not gonna lie, I was sorta scared he would just miss baby!  And she is so cute so it's not like I could blame him!), talk on the phone lots, go on dates, sit on the patio and chat while baby's sleeping, fall asleep to movies, etc. We still run most of our errands together, only now with a baby in tow!  He still holds my hand in the car and tells me he loves me all the time.  We cook dinner together, walk to the yogurt shop, and daydream about where we want to travel and where we would love to retire to!  And not to be too positive or mushy, because let's face it, that's just not me, we still fight just like we did before too! :)  

The reason John and I are still the same is we MAKE it that way.  Your marriage should always be your first priority.  A favorite quote of mine is: "The best thing a father can do for his daughter is to love her mother."  Along those lines, the best thing you can do for your children is to put your spouse first.  This will give them a real example of what true love really is.

So let's see....a few things I've been up to lately include:
  • John and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary.  We went to Talking Stick Resort and ate at the buffet and gambled a bit.  We lost our money, but a guy gambling next to us gave us each $100, so we ended up profiting from this trip LOL!
  • I started an amazing work from home job on June 1st.  I write articles for Sheknows from the comfort of my couch and with my baby next to me.  This was a HUGE blessing - and a million thanks go out to my bff Christina! *More on this in a separate post so you can see exactly what I've been doing*
  • anddd...last but absolutely not bff Kendra (she blogs over at Simply Stated - Kendra) got ENGAGED!!!!  Dave proposed on their one year anniversary at the same restaurant where they had their first date.  He is such an amazing guy and I couldn't be happier for Kendra that she gets to spend the rest of her life with him!  He puts her first, loves her with all his heart, treats her like a princess, and makes her laugh.  They are such a wonderful couple and I'm so excited for them!  Also on that note, Kendra picked me to be her Matron of Honor!! I can't wait to help Kendra with anything and everything she needs, and stand right by her side on her big day.  Congrats, Kendra!!  *Also, there will be a TON more posts involving this coming, so stay tuned!* 
And I'll leave you with a few pictures of Camdyn.  I guess another thing I've been up to is photographing my lil babe.  I'm completely obsessed with taking pictures of my little "beauty queen" (as my mom calls her lol):

<3 Family <3

Feed me, Mom!!

This is when she first started getting chunky!

6 weeks old!  Beautiful, happy baby!

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