Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was Camdyn's first Halloween! She dressed up as a black kitty cat - too cute!

Cami and my mom

We went over to my parent's house to sit in the front yard, eat pizza, and hand out candy. I made sure we left by 8ish so we could get Camdyn home for bed. Speaking of...

She has not been sleeping AT ALL at night lately. This makes for a very cranky me. I've always been a very light sleeper, so when she wakes up every two hours, I have just barely fallen asleep before she's up again. John's been incredible, though. He's been helping me get up with her at night even though he's been working a ton, and yesterday he surprised me with a card and some gift cards. Best husband ever :)

Sleep is a funny thing - you don't really "miss" it until it's gone. For those of you who don't have kids yet, take advantage of sleeping! If you feel like sleeping til noon on a Saturday, DO IT! I'm thinking sleeping in won't happen again until Camdyn's moved out, and by that point John and I will be old and probably getting up at 5am willingly, haha.

So since I haven't posted in awhile here are some more photos of what we've been up to (pictures explain it best, in my opinion):

Romantic dinner from John (i've been spoiled lately)

John after work...he doesn't normally dress like this lol :)

LOVE this pic of us!

During the day Halloween outfit

Camdyn sleeping, it's a miracle!!

I also baked a delicious apple pie the other day.  It was my first one so I was kinda nervous, but it turned out amazing! I'll share the recipe soon :)

Now it's off to cleaning and working. I took on another freelance job (now I have THREE! Woo-hoo!) so that explains the lack of blog posts. Hope everyone's having a good day!


Deidre said...

Such a cute kitty :)

Loved seeing the photos!

katie ridings said...

ahh little girl headbands ARE SO CUTE!!

Megan said...

Love her kitty outfit! I used to sleep in ALL the time...and now I can't! I think God is trying to prepare me for when our baby gets here. Haha!

Amanda said...

Another freelance job?! Do share! And she's such a cutie patutie!

Sara Bell said...

Oh goodness, she's so adorable! It's great to read posts from others with babies to get a feel for what we're REALLY up against! =]

Janna Renee said...

I love BOTH of her Halloween outfits! I love when my hubby cooks for me too ;) I actually broke the news to my in-laws last night that I am NOT ready to have kids. I think my MIL took it well. HAha.

Katherine H said...

such a nice family!