Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm bad at blogging

I officially suck as a blogger, haha.  My "31 days of love and inspiration" came to a halt at day 4 and I haven't even posted anything since last week.  Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging, and you know what?  That's OK :)

Lately I've been working a LOT and doing a LOT of walking around with Camdyn.  Add in cleaning the house and hanging out with John and my days have been flying by.  It's good though.  John is in a super-busy time at work (as am I) so we can play catch-up and save some money.  

So let's see...tomorrow is Camdyn's 5 month birthday!  I seriously cannot believe I have a 5 month old.  Time needs to slow down.  She crawled backwards two nights ago...soo precious!  I'm scared for when that kid's mobile, though!  I will need to pretty much move upstairs during the day as downstairs is all hardwood and tile.  

Here's a few photos of lately:

Hope everyone's enjoying their Tuesday.  I'm headed to do a little walking around outside - the weather finally permits open windows and enjoying the outdoors!  Ya!


katie ridings said...

lol I feel like i'm bad at blogging in the sense of my backgrounds & widgets & all those things don't look as cool as everyones :)

Kristin said...

The only bad blogger is one who can't spell. As far as I can tell, you're still a pretty good blogger! :)

Megan said...

The weather has been amazing lately!! She is the cutest little thing! Happy 5 months to her!

Amanda said...

Love the picture of her sitting on your lap! she's so attentive :) And adorable in pink obviously! Can't believe she's 5 months old already!

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