Thursday, May 3, 2012


Last Saturday, John and I decided it'd be fun to have a Day Date!  We decided this for two reasons: 1) Obviously, this could have been our last weekend "just the two of us" - update, it probably won't be, and 2) Having an entire day off together has been rare throughout our entire relationship, so we figured we'd take advantage of the opportunity!

We slept in, then decided to have lunch, go shopping, and see The Five Year Engagement. 

First stop: Smash Burger!  My FAVORITE place as of lately.  I get the Kids Meal ($3.99!) and upgrade to the Smash Fries.  They are regular fries but with olive oil and rosemary.  SO GOOD.

John being a boy and TEXTING on our date!!  How rude!!  I quickly forgave him though as he reminded me that he's seeing a "chick flick" for me :)

In the theater.  I must add that John and I almost always wear matching clothes unintentionally (see pics below as well).  It's either a sign that we're REALLY meant to be...or maybe just bland, boring dressers?

This is actually the following morning at Hot Bagels - our new favorite breakfast place!  Anyone who lives in Glendale must try it!

And John...yup, both wearing the same white T-Shirt...

Overall, we had a great weekend.  Sunday we got up early and drove to Queen Creek to pick up our FREE washer/dryer!!  Thank you times a million to Beth & Dennis and Christina & Chad!  The dryer ended up having an electrical issue - I think it had a three-prong plug but needed a four-prong plug for our house - so my dad came over yesterday and re-wired it for us.  Works like a charm now!  As a Thank You to my parents, John and I took them to Famous Dave's for dinner last night.  I forgot to take pictures, but we all had a great time!  It's definitely nice living so close to my family!

And now of course we've just been waiting for lil Camdyn to make her debut!  Yesterday I found a Fisher Price Newborn Sleeper/Rocker at Target on sale, and just had to get it!  We don't have a bassinet, and truth be told I wasn't really fond of spending money on one when she has a giant crib a few feet away.  This looked PERFECT and got great reviews.  I'll keep everyone posted on if Camdyn likes it!  It looks cozy though...I actually wish they made these things for adults lol!


Kendra said...

Love this post! How was the movie? I've been dying to see that. And I LOVE hot bagels!

Sarah said...

Yay my first comment!!! Thanks!!

I didn't like the movie - thought it was a little too slow and the middle got weird. The beginning and end were good though!

My mom saw Think Like a Man and said that was really funny!! :) Let me know if you end up seeing either of those!