Friday, August 24, 2012

Birthday Boy

Today is my husband and best friend's birthday!  I couldn't be more excited to celebrate with him.  We woke up this morning and I tacky-decorated our house with "Happy Birthday" banners, plates, ribbons, and more.  I made cinnamon rolls and coffee before he took off for work.  

His actual gift is a trip to Laughlin in two weeks for the Gary Allan concert.  We're both huge Gary Allan fans so are looking forward to seeing him and having a mini-vacation with each other.  For today, I'm going to take him to dinner and then we're off to play Bingo!  If it's your birthday, it's free!!  *Which we found out last year on my birthday, haha.

Pictures to come soon, but for's some pics of Cami (you didn't think I'd leave her out of this post, did you??!):

Taking a nap with my babe

Giant bow...I think she's scared of it, lol

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