Monday, August 20, 2012

Food on the Table

While on our family vacation in Georgia, my cousin Susan told me about the website Food on the Table.  Just last week I got around to exploring it, and have decided that this is my new favorite website (so good that yes it deserves a post of it's own even though I barely post!).

First, you enter in your exact grocery store that you shop at.  This will be used later to tell you the items that are on sale!

Second, select the types of foods you like (chicken, beef, veggie, pork, etc), followed by the style of dishes you like (pastas, baked, grilled, etc).

Third, browse tons of recipes for the week.  They're all super simple and require very few ingredients, plus they look absolutely delicious.

After you've selected your recipes, the website creates a grocery list for you.  You delete items you already have, and hit "Done."  You then get an email of your list to print out and take to the store.

Seriously, I'm impressed.  I like to have dinner ready for my husband when he gets home from work, but I have a lot of trouble finding recipes and deciding what to eat without spending a fortune.  I've never been a huge "dinner" person - seriously, if it were just me I'd be totally content with a bowl of ice cream - so that's why every night is a challenge.  I used Food on the Table over the weekend, went to the store and spent a whopping $47 on four dinners (not to mention lunch foods and snacks for John).  Amazing.  I have yet to try out the recipes, but I'll be sure to post my favorites!

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