Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What Camdyn's Taught Me

Having a baby is life-changing.  Though I'm still the same person, I now see the world through the eyes of my daughter.  Every decision I make affects not just me, but her.  I want to be the best mom I can to her.  She deserves a safe, loving home and I'm going to make sure she gets that.

Not only am I going to be Camdyn's main "teacher," but she's going to be mine, too.  Here's a few things my 3 month old has taught me so far:

  • Life is simple.  Camdyn cries if she's hungry or uncomfortable, just like any baby.  We cry if we're emotionally sad, our feelings are hurt, etc.  We get mad at things that don't matter.  We gossip and get upset over nothing.  Life's short - choose to be happy and not succumb to things that really don't matter.  Now if you're starving, like a baby, or are sitting in your own poop, than yes, that right there is a reason to cry :)
  • Love.  They say you never know love until you have a child.  This, my friends, is true.  Of course I love John and my family, but my love for Camdyn is different.  The other day she was screaming in pain because of gas, and I started crying as well because I so badly wished I could take that pain from her and have it myself instead.  I would do anything for my precious baby.  
  • To appreciate my mom.  Ever since Cami came, I've felt a lot more love and respect towards my own mom.  I now see firsthand exactly what she sacrificed and went through with me.  My "job" is taking care of my baby, and at one point that was my mom's job, only with me.  My mom also spoils Camdyn to no end.  She helps with diapers, babysits whenever we ask, buys her new toys, and loves her almost as much as I do :)  Thanks, mom, for everything!
  • To be a good role model.  She's going to grow up to be an independent, self-sufficient woman (I hope!), and I want to make sure that I'm a good role model for her...again back to my decisions affecting her.  I want her to see what a good marriage is like through me and John.  I want her to see that we follow our hearts, set goals, and do our best to accomplish them.  I want her to choose a career that she's passionate about, just like her dad does.
  • Life is no longer about me.  This one's obvious, but having a child makes your life not just your own anymore.  Yes, we still travel and go on dates and hang out with friends, but our day to day life is different.  We save money, we plan for the future, we don't drink as often, we make decisions that are best for Camdyn and our future, not just ones that sound good in the moment.  My days of being selfish are gone, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
There's a lot more, but I'll stop for now.  Babies are a lot of work, but the value and meaning she's brought to my life is incredible.  Thank you baby Cami for being you!  I love you more than anything and can't wait for us to continue teaching each other things.

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Amanda said...

Glad these are all things that came about now that you're a new mom!