Monday, August 27, 2012

Maintaining a house

John and I bought our first house back in April, and let me just say...maintaining a house is a lot of work.  Much more than I expected!  I am so thankful I stay home, because I know for a fact our house would be a disaster if I was working full-time.  To all the working mom's out there, I admire you more and more each and every day.

This past week, John did about 10 hours of yard work, and this just got it back to how it was two months ago.  I spent a good 6 hours cleaning on Saturday, and a lot of this was just general maintenance that I do every day.  Not saying I clean 6 hours everyday, but I always do dishes, laundry, make beds, clean tile, clean hardwood, and clean the kitchen / unclutter everything.  

I also try to vacuum, steam clean carpets, steam clean couches, wash bedding, organize Camdyn's room, clean dog area, and clean the bathrooms (we have three) at least once a week.  

Like I said, it's amazing how much time simply goes into maintaining a house.  I sometimes miss the apartment living days where we had 800 sq ft of living space to clean, grounds that were maintained (quite nicely) by other people, and hot tubs and fitness center's within walking distance.  

We're also in the process of "remodeling" our house (pics to come soon).  We're not doing a full-on renovation, just painting all the rooms and making them look nice :)  My "theme" - btw, coming up with a color theme is next to impossible for me.  I've been thinking of different color variations since we moved in, and have just now made a decision - is blues and grays throughout!  I love blue, but was sick of the usual "blue and brown" combo (we had this in both our apartments).  In fact, I want to do away with brown all together.  It's pretty common, and like I said we've had it now for 3 years! So blues and grays it is.  We did a dark blue accent wall in our main room, and another huge light blue/gray accent wall that extends throughout a lot of our house.  Currently we're doing our office - cream walls with same light blue/gray accent wall.  Next will be our room - light teal with dark (ish) gray bathroom!  So excited to see all of this come together!

Dark blue accent wall (we still need artwork and I'm dying for a new couch!)

Light blue/gray wall

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