Friday, August 31, 2012

Pregnancy Weightloss

When pregnant, doctors say a healthy amount of weight to gain is 25-35 lbs.  If you start off smaller, you should gain closer to 35 lbs. 

I'm 5'3, and weighed 117 (in the evening on doc's scale) when I got pregnant.  This was about 5-10 lbs higher than I prefer to be, but it is what it is.   I've always been pretty small - in high school I was always 100 lbs or less and in college I was about 105/110 - but marriage and a lack of exercise will definitely cause you to gain!  It's ok though, I don't really stress about my weight but wanted to share my story and how pregnancy affected my body.

This was the summer of 2011 - right before I got pregnant.  I would guess I hovered around 112 or so.
The bottom picture I was actually 4 months pregnant.  I didn't start showing until about 21 wks.  I can't completely remember what I weighed throughout my pregnancy, but I think at 4 months I had gained about 10 lbs.  

Now, there's no denying that I ate and ate my way through pregnancy.  I'm talking Einstein's bagels and orange juice for breakfast every day (this was a 1000 calorie breakfast lol), Philly cheesesteaks or Fudruckers for lunch, and whatever I felt like for dinner (Chick Fil A? sure.  Yogurtland for dessert? Definitely).  I also didn't exercise much (well, I walked about 1 mile per day if you count that).  I'm surprised I didn't gain more, and also very thankful.
Left: 6 months; Top right: 7 months; Bottom right: 8 1/2 months
I feel like my arms and face gained the most weight, which is weird because still to this day I can barely zip up my pre-pregnancy jean shorts.

So anyways, all and all I gained 36 lbs.  I was 153 lbs when I got to the hospital to deliver.  For my next pregnancy, I fully intend on eating healthier and working out.  Labor was pretty hard for me and I attribute a lot of it to the fact that I was so out of shape.  
8 1/2 months

Off topic but looking at these pictures totally makes me miss being pregnant...even though I wasn't one of those girls that loved pregnancy.

Now on the to weight loss...

Came home from the hospital weighing 147 lbs.  They say you lose at least ten pounds after birth, but I managed to only lose the exact weight of the baby (um, not fair).  I almost fell off the scale when I saw that, as I was expecting to weigh at most 140!

I didn't really do anything the first two weeks, and I mean anything, but I somehow managed to get down to 133 lbs.  Walking around and doing normal things hurt, so exercise was out of the question.  I did breastfeed, so I attribute that and just losing general bloat weight to the weight loss.
This was 11 days after I delivered
About 2 months after I delivered, I started doing P90X as often as possible.  I also started eating less and healthier.  I got down to 125 lbs within 3 months of having her, and currently weigh 122.  I would still like to lose 5-10 lbs, but I'm pretty happy with where I'm at.  It's funny how your priorities shift once you become a mom -  yes, I'd still prefer to look how I did in college, but as long as I'm healthy than so be it.  Truth be told I just don't have the time or the energy to work out as often as I'd prefer, and sometimes grabbing fast food for dinner is just easier and less time consuming than cooking.

Hmmm, I've just realized that I don't have any "current" photos of myself other than the ones in John's Birthday post.  My camera is completely bogged down with pictures of Camdyn, haha.

So to be continued!  I'll have John take some pics of me tonight and this weekend (his favorite thing to do...haha...not) and post a follow-up.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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