Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Though I don't post much, the blogging world is something that fascinates me.  So many people (SO MANY) have great blogs and I only wish I could be as good, or as interesting, as them.  Maybe I am...maybe I just need to post more.  I always have a lot on my mind, I just need to start putting these thoughts into words.  

I also love that fact that there's literally a whole blog world right here in front of me.  It's a way to make friends and connect with people just like me.  There's mommy bloggers, fashion bloggers, military wife bloggers, food bloggers, and more.  It's a way to feel more connected and not so alone in this world.  If I could make someone's day or change someone's outlook, if even only for a second, then it's all worth it.

It amazes me too that some women actually get paid to blog.  Of course, they didn't start out this way, and it took hours upon hours of work to get there, but still...the fact that they followed their hearts and are doing what they love is admirable.  I did an article on How to make money blogging, and was pretty astounded by what I discovered.  Having followers alone isn't what generates an income, you have to have advertisers, sponsors, affiliates, a shop, and more.  Income is generated from numerous sources, but guess have to maintain all that.  After all, it's your business.  If it's not something you enjoy, it's not going to work out.  Also note that if you're only in it for the money, the readers will see that and quit reading.  Successful bloggers truly. love. blogging.

So my goal for now is to simply write more.  Who knows if this will go anywhere, but I have a lot to say, and lead a fairly interesting life, so why not?

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